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Below is a list of our latest news & publications, please click on a link to download the publications.

Outlook 2024

Andersons Outlook is our annual publication, which provides a synopsis of business performance across UK farming and its prospects for the year ahead. 

The Farm Business Outlook section examines the major macroeconomic and policy trends affecting the UK farming including topics such as Farm Profitability and Economic Prospects, Farm Policy, Land Prices and Rentals, Finance and Banking,  as well as Agricultural Trade Issues. The topical issue of Diversification is also examined in detail.

The 2024 Cropping section examines the outlook for combinable cropping, potatoes and sugar beet. The article on horticulture includes a detailed overview of UK fruit and vegetable consumption and self-sufficiency. For livestock, all major grazing and intensive enterprises are featured.

There is also a detailed overview of renewables including an analysis of Solar PV Returns and Payback.

Additional coverage is provided on Scottish and Welsh farming.

We hope that you find Outlook 2024, written by members of all the Andersons' businesses, both informative and stimulating and, as ever, wish you all the best for a successful 2024. 

Outlook 2024 is accessible here.

Outlook 2023 is accessible here. 

Andersons Business Matters

Andersons Business Matters is our new publication which is designed to complement Andersons annual Outlook publication. Each edition focuses in detail on a selection of topics at the farm-level. 

The topics that the current edition focuses on include;

  • Reorganising Farming Affairs
  • Tendering for New Land
  • Options for Sourcing Machinery
  • The Changing Subsidy Landscape
  • Combining Stewardship into Rotations

To access our latest editions, see below: 

Volume 3 (2023) - Business Matters

Volume 2 (2022) - Business Matters

Volume 1 (2021) - Business Matters

Future Farming Resilience Fund - Free Advice

Andersons Midlands LLP is delighted to have been awarded a contract by DEFRA, in Partnership with Ricardo to provide FREE business advice to farmers and land managers in England, as they prepare for the agricultural transition. 

Support is available to farming businesses in England that are in receipt of the Basic Payment Scheme (BPS) payments. 

The challenges caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19), extreme weather events, the war in Ukraine and the forthcoming changes to agricultural support may result in many farms needing to adapt their business models and carefully consider options for the future. 

The programme involves: 

  • A face to face meeting with an Andersons Consultant
  • A detailed report
  • A follow up discussion or meeting
  • Access to online training courses and quarterly workshops

Areas we cover can include: 

  • Future Business Planning / Forward Budgeting
  • Joint Ventures
  • Debt Re-Structuring
  • Feasibility Studies 
  • Analysis of Capital Investment 
  • Diversification
  • Tenancy Help
  • Succession

All the advice provided will be free of charge! The programme started in October 2022 and will run until March 2025. Places are limited. Further information on how to apply is available by clicking here